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Concrete counter top care and maintenance questions and answers to help care for and preserve the finish on concrete countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, and on patios throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.Frequently asked questions about the installation and care of concrete countertops.


Are concrete countertops strong and durable?

Concrete is extremely strong and durable once it is cured. However like many other materials the corners and edges are more common to chip. Be careful working with dense items such as pots and pans.

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Why should I purchase a countertop made of concrete versus laminate, granite, marble or corian?

Concrete is uniquely handcrafted, a functional work of art to adorn and enhance your work surface with a custom finish that is not possible with other materials.  You choose the colors, textures and finishes that are unique which makes your piece an original.  Durability and uniqueness are some of the reasons individuals are choosing to use concrete in their homes versus other materials.

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What is the proper way to clean concrete countertops?

Cleaning concrete countertops is no different than cleaning countertops made of other materials.  Using mild soap and warm water with a clean cloth, daily cleaning is recommended.  Avoid abrasive soaps, pads or cleaners when cleaning the countertops.  These products may scratch or mar the sealer.

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Do concrete countertops crack?

No, when designed and installed correctly they do not crack.  Concrete may show surface legions, but these are not cracks.  These are expected and desired in concrete as veining is in marble.  These “cracks” are mislabeled and are actually the character of each countertop.  Each piece will age and cure out it’s own unique way.

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Can food be cut on the countertop?

Since all concrete countertops are specially sealed, cutting directly on the counter top could damage the finish.  It is recommended that a cutting board be used.  Not only to protect the countertop but will also protect the knife’s blade.

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How much do concrete countertops cost?

Each countertop is custom made.  Several options can affect the price such as special order color, decorative glass aggregate, type of sealer used and finish, just to list a few.

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What affects the price of a concrete countertop?

Many things can affect the price such as size, color, and complexity.  Specialty edges, custom insets, decorative elements, embedded items and surface finish can also affect each piece.

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Are the same materials used for interior and exterior use?

Yes.  Concrete countertops prove to be very resilient in Minnesota weather conditions where we see extreme summer heat and winter cold temperatures.  The only thing that may change from indoors to outdoors is the type of pigments and sealer used, as some may fade in the sun.

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